A little about us and our mission..

Family-Centric Nutrition.

As a husband and wife team, and parents to an energetic young boy, we have been focusing on finding a practical path towards optimal health. Trying to implement proper nutrition and wellness within a busy family household has been tough, with plenty of challenges along the way.

Utilising our knowledge and experience in nutrition & fitness, as well as childhood education, we hope to create an online space for busy parents, where they can access the help and advice they need to provide the very best health for themselves, as well as those around them, and tackle the challenges that arise from applying this approach to the whole family.

We are passionate about creating a positive work/life balance, improving health, and giving our son the best possible start in life, physically and mentally. We would love to share this outlook with others, and this is what we hope Fuelling The Family will allow us to do.